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Visualization refers to minds ability to watch everything in pictures. Visualization is the most powerful tool of self suggestion, that is known for today. Our mind can not differ the imaginary events from the real. All the pictures regardless of they are real or imaginary, our mind perceives as the reality. This is a fact in evidence.
Visualization was used in 'Apollo' flight preparation program. The interesting fact was investigated during the preparation of olympic athletes 1980-1990. The athletes were hooked to the sophisticated biofeedback equipment and have them run their event only in their mind, the same muscles fired in the same sequence, when they were running the race only in their mind as they were running it on the track.

Ok, now the experiment for those who do not believe it. Just close your eyes and image yourself at home sitting at the table. Have you imagine? In front of you there are your favourite meals. Imagine it with all the details, catch the smell, how appetizing it is. You take the spoon/fork and taste it, you are enjoying the delicious dish... STOP! Pay attention, that your mouth is full of saliva, but you weren't eating at all. So what was the reason for salivation? Your mind really believes you were eating, and start to prepare the body for the digestion process. Here is the saliva from.
Taking into account the fact, that mind operates with pictures, and everything transforms into the pictures, the visualization process influence our feelings directly. Once you imagine something you like to do, the smile appears on your face. Visualization - is the method of conscious forming the pictures in the mind, that arouse positive feelings. Feeling of joy and happiness for five minutes brings a good mood for many hours and days, of course if nothing makes you loose your spirit till that time. Single visualization influence the consciousness very much, positive picture arouses good feelings, negative picture arouses bad feelings. To make visualization change our life considerably, you have to integrate that image into your subconscious mind by the recurrent imagining the same situation. That's why the repeating process is so important. The man's spirit depends on outer obstacles, that is why to sustain all the time in the good mood you have to paint clear detailed pictures in your mind, that arouse strong positive emotions. The secret consists in ability to be able to feel good and positive all the time regardless of the outer obstacles.



Before the visualization process, you should exactly and clearly know what do you want. Choose something you really desire, but not something you just wish to come true. You can not fool yourself. If the achievement of certain goal is not very important for you, you'll be bored with the visualization.

2. REPEAT THE VISUALIZATION ALL THE TIME (at least 2 times a day for 5 minutes each)

Repeat the achievement of the single goal till the time you achieve it. Repeating is consist in visualization the same goal many times. There is no sense to visualize different goals. The visualization process is the most effective, when it is applied to a single goal. The efficiency increases each time you repeat the achievement of the same goal. You will feel the effect as you go along. Even after the visualization process you will feel, that it already comes true. Try to enjoy the visualization process. If it becomes boring, you will leave this practice very quickly. Also you can not force yourself. The joy and happiness you experience in the visualization process depends on the goal you visualizing. Watch the point 1. Repetition makes the goal achievement the dominant thought in your mind, and the Universe reacts only on the dominant thoughts. Do you understand why repetition is so important?


Universe perceives only emotions and reacts on emotional pictures and ideas. If you visualize and do not feel it, you will notice the minimum effect. If you can not force yourself to feel, not a big deal, practice makes perfect. Just remember the feelings are the main igrediant in the visualization process.

During the visualization process always and only focus on the end result. Your part is to make the Universe know, what you want. And the Universe will decide how to deliver this to you. It knows the easiest and most harmonious way from the point you're right now to your dream. Please note, that all the successful people do not know at once how they will achieve their dream. They just know, they will acquire it. If you do not know how you can accomplish this, do not worry, just wait and watch, when some unusual opportunity will be shown to you. Do not give up and continue the visualization, even if nothing happens. Wait for an answer. The time delay may vary from few hours to few months. It depends on your congruency with your dream.
Do not worry, if you will fail at once. It is ok. The success is not easy. The visualization is one of the habits of successful person, you need to acquire. Practice more and more, and the most important believe you will succeed and you will. You will be shown an amazing idea how to make your dreams come true.

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