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To help to understand:
  • why some people achieve success in life and others fail at the same time
  • why only 5% of the people really reach success in a life
  • factors and secrets of success, the achievers use to make their dream come true
  • how to use the principles and secrets of success to achieve your own success
  • how to fullfil your life with sense
INTRODUCTION. ONLY 5 OF A 100 PEOPLE ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE Why are there only 5% successful people in the world? Does it mean, that only one person from twenty really achieve success in life? It is not a fable, it is a result of many investigations. Some investigation was conducted by the American Bankers Association. The main goal of the investigation was to study the financial success of the American men based on their working biography. The scientists have found one hundred men at the age of 25 and asked them, if they wanted to reach financial success and achieve the success in life. Almost all of them answered 'Yes'. One or two replied 'No', but these answers were not typical. Only men participated in this investigation because men's efforts have been directed towards the developing a carreer more than women's at that time. And only men have been achieving the success in life. What had happened to the participants for the next fourty years? Maybe nowadays these results would be a little bit different due to the various economic, political, psychological reasons. The results of the investigation were the following: 36 people of these hundred had died not reached an age of 65. Only one person from residuary people had become really reach man, the four could be considered as a financial independent, five - still had been having to work, and the residuary 54 people had been dependent on other family members for support or they had been living on the welfare payment. But America is the reachest country in the world! So if you do the same things as those around you, you have 95 chances from 100 to collapse financially and never achieve the success in a life. It is impossible to live 'as everybody' and hope for the financial success at the same time.
On this website you can find the full image of what are doing these 5% successful people in contrast to others and why just these people achieve success in life.

The main goal: to teach you HOW TO USE the success secrets so you can achieve the success in life.



This site is designed for a wide circle of people, who are looking for a way how to achieve success in life, how to get out of a routine and mediocrity and start living. Many people just live for work. The website helps you to resolve different living and self problems. If someone says 'I do not have problems', I am very sorry about you. There is only one criteria that is needed for you in order to gain useful ideas and experience on the website. This is the eager and passionate desire to succeed in life. But do not mix up desire and wish. Please, ask anybody and he tells you he want to reach success in life. Similar to the situation in the story in the introduction. You'll say the same as well. But there are lots of criteria to define if your wish to achieve a success in a life is really just a wish or a passionate desire. One of the criteria is a readiness to act. Are you willing to act? An idea without action leads to nothing. Are you ready to start using these principles, are you ready to believe in these ideas, are you ready to make mistakes and continue moving forward inspite of anything? Or you read it, then say 'very intersting articles' and continue watching TV. But do not say then you want to achieve success in life. If you are an action person this website will help you. First of all this website was created for you because you and only you will use these ideas and will make a great contribution to our world and make it better.


1. If you want to stand up on the way of success

The first and the most important step you should do is to find your own dream. It is vital and the most important factor in your life. Your goal at this stage is to sit down quietly and try to listen to you yourself. Try to listen to your heart. And answer the question: 'What I want from my life?'. Take a sheet of paper and write down minimum 10 big dreams, then 40 important dreams, and finally 50 small dreams. When you do it, I will congratulate you - YOU HAVE STARTED YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS. The only thing you'll have to find then is the appropriate action plan to your dreams. We will speak later about this.

2. If you already have started the way to success and follow your dream day by day

You can use the selective reading. Certainly you know what you want to reach and what area to improve your knowledges in. In the left menu you can find the most important and interesting articles in my opinien. For review all themes follow the site map. Read and learn.

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